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Probate Attorney in Plano, Texas

Most people know that you should create a will or trust to make your wishes clear before you pass. But many don't know that your will and trust will need to be probated when you're gone. The probate process can be intimidating. Let The Lambert Firm, P.C. handle it for you.

Attorney Lambert has decades of probate law experience, and he can help you understand every aspect of estate administration, from court appearances to paying off a loved one's debts. Call his office in Plano, Texas today to learn more about property division law.

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How Does Probate Work?

Your loved one's will must go through probate before you can distribute their assets according to their wishes. If they didn't leave behind a valid will, the court will determine how the estate is divided according to state probate law.

Reach out to The Lambert Firm in Plano, and Wylie, TX if you're responsible for executing a loved one's will. Attorney Lambert will explain how probate works so you know what to expect. By drawing on his knowledge of property division law, he'll work to make sure there aren't any surprises.