Taking Care of Your Family
When You No Longer Can

Your attorney should be easy to reach. Mark is ready to answer your calls and provide you with the direct counsel you deserve.


By creating a relaxed atmosphere and using everyday language, Mark works to make the legal process accessible to all.


Mark will involve you in the decisions made in your estate planning process or probate case. After all, this is your future.

Estate Planning & Probate Attorney in Plano, Texas

Mark Lambert

Mark E. Lambert

Attorney At Law

Drawn to the personal nature of estate planning and probate law, Attorney Mark E. Lambert entered his legal career intent on making a difference in the lives of his clients. Since 1994, he has been offering knowledgeable guidance to his fellow Texans. When you need to draft a will, set up trusts, or work through an issue of probate, Mark is prepared to offer you compassionate counsel from start to finish. From his office in Plano, Texas, Mark E. Lambert proudly serves clients throughout the area, including Frisco, Allen, Carrollton, and Richardson.


"Most people don't think of estate planning as urgent until it is. Good planning saves the family time, money, and stress during an emotional time."

Attorney Mark E. Lambert

Set Up a Plan for Your Future

It's never too early to start preparing your estate. With a concrete plan in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that once you're gone, your assets will be dealt with according to your final wishes. However, estate planning is easier said than done. Don't let the legalities intimidate you; let an attorney lead the way.

Mark E. Lambert is ready to act as your dedicated partner throughout the estate planning process. Discover how he can use his decades of experience to answer any questions you may have. While he'll be there to provide his professional advice, Mark will give you the final say in the decisions made about your future.

Your estate plan can be as robust or as simple as you'd like it to be. Whether you just want to create a will or establish trusts and advance directives, Mark has the skills to help you seek your desired results. He understands that preserving your legacy is an extremely personal process that requires personal service.

Schedule a consultation with Mark today at the Lambert Firm, P.C. He's prepared to help you create an estate plan that addresses your needs and protects the future of your family. Mark E. Lambert works with clients throughout the Plano, Texas, area, including those in Frisco, Allen, Carrollton, and Richardson.

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Put Your Probate Problem behind You

Losing a loved one is hard enough without the added stress of probate. Probate is the process in which a court accepts a will as valid and therefore permits the administration of a decedent's estate. It's likely the last thing you want to worry about when you're grieving, so leave it to a confident and capable attorney.

With years of experience in probate law, Attorney Mark E. Lambert is ready to shoulder the burden of your case. Turn to him for compassionate representation in Plano, Texas. Whether your family member died with or without a will, he can outline your options for how to proceed and advise you on a path forward.

If your loved passed away and left you to pick up the pieces, you don't have to do so alone. Mark E. Lambert can help you address the many aspects that go into estate administration, from paying off a decedent's debts to transferring their assets to their chosen beneficiaries.

You deserve to focus on family after suffering the loss of a loved one. Let the Lambert Firm, P.C. handle your probate issue. Reach out to Attorney Mark E. Lambert today for legal counsel in Plano, Texas. He also works on behalf of clients in the surrounding areas of Frisco, Allen, Carrollton, and Richardson.