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Confused About Wills and Trusts?

Let an attorney in the Plano, Wylie, Murphy & Carrollton, TX area explain estate planning law

Living wills? Health care directives? Estate planning is confusing, and there are a lot of legal terms you might not fully understand. Trust The Lambert Firm, P.C. for insightful legal guidance in Plano, TX. Attorney Lambert is well-versed in all areas of estate planning law, and he can help you decide how to allocate your assets. He also assists with probate and estate administration.

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Get help with every part of estate planning

There are several types of estate planning documents to consider when you're organizing your assets. How do you know which ones are best for your situation? Schedule an appointment with The Lambert Firm today. Attorney Lambert will:

  • Meet with you to explain every step of the estate planning process
  • Take a close look at your finances and assets
  • Discuss your family situation and your health care needs


Estate planning law can be complicated-but planning for your future doesn't have to be. Call The Lambert Firm in Plano, TX today to get a head start on your estate planning.